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President: Katie Whalen

Major: Agricultural Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships/Research: Eaton Corporation (Summer 2018)
Hobbies: Watching/playing sports, cooking, reading

Contact Katie with matters related to the Ohio State section as a whole or matters that do not fall under any of the other officers’ duties.


Vice President: Allison Whitney

Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Internships: The Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, Poland (2018) and Metzenbaum Sheltered Industries (2016 and 2017) Research: Integrated Multijunction Photovoltaics (2018) and Zika Nanolyzer (2017)
Hobbies: Long distance running, hammock-ing, drinking coffee (x1000), pretending to be smart

Contact Allison if you ever have questions about SWE, engineering, or life in general. Please don't hesitate to reach out! She is always here for her SWEblings :)


Treasurer​: Abby Warburton

Major: Biological Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships/Research: R&D Intern at TE Connectivity in Winston-Salem, NC (Summer 2018), Research in enzyme applications for pancreatic cancer treatment, OSU CBE Department (Spring 2017)
Hobbies: I live for having good food/drinks and traveling to new places (to eat food). I also love dogs, musicals, The Cavs, watching movies & dramatic TV and singing loudly!

Contact Abby ​for questions regarding the club's finances.


Secretary​: Claire Penrose

Major: Chemical Engineering 
Graduation Date: May 2021
Past Internships/Research: General Chemistry Teaching Assistant, Senior Conference Assistant at Ohio State, Co-Op LyondellBasell, Undergraduate Research
Hobbies: Running, eating Subway, reading, talking to new members about SWE!

Contact Claire for more information about societal membership and joining Ohio State SWE.


Sponsorship Director: Sam Thobe

Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships/Research: Chemical Engineering Co-op at Anheuser-Busch (January - August 2017), Undergraduate Research Assistant in Dr. Katelyn Swindle-Reilly's Biomaterials and Optics Lab (Summer 2016 - present), Technical Sales Intern at Nalco Water (Summer 2018).
Hobbies: I love to play volleyball and get active when I get the chance, and I also love to spend time with my friends and family! If eating donuts, ice cream, and anything else sweet counts as a hobby, that'd be another!

Contact Sam if you are interested in partnering with or sponsoring SWE at The Ohio State University! Also contact me if you are interested in volunteering with SWE through E-Council!


Professional Development​: Yvonne Johnson

Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Software Engineer Intern at Harris Corporation (Summer 2017), Technical Intern at Northrop Grumman (Summer 2018)
Hobbies: Tennis, video games, hiking

Contact Yvonne if you know of a company or organization looking to partner with the Ohio State section of SWE to plan professional development events such as mock interview sessions, company info sessions, presentations, and many more. Also send her any professional related questions you may have!


Outreach Director​: Sarah Shaffer

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Injury Biomechanics Research Center (IBRC) Assistant since Fall 2017

Hobbies: Boating, wake boarding, reading, cooking, traveling

Contact Sarah for more information about outreach events.


Education Director: Florence Piotrkowski

Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2021
Past Internships/Research: none, but I work as an OA at OSU!
Hobbies: singing, drinking coffee, reading, eating icecream, being active

Contact Florence for more information about education events.


Special Events Coordinator​: Catherine Wang

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Graduation Date: Spring 2019
Past Internships/Research: Information Systems Intern at The J.M. Smucker Company (Summer 2017), Ergonomics Undergraduate Research Assistant (Autumn 2017-present), Manufacturing Intern at PepsiCo (Summer 2018)
Hobbies: Baking cakes (and anything really!), team-related activities, playing piano duets, seeing and learning about different places, peoples, and cultures

Contact Catherine: As the Special Events Coordinator, I am in charge of the semester's bigger events that serve the role of creating community for the members of Ohio State's Society of Women Engineers. Some of these events include Networking Night in the Fall & Spring, BuckeyeThon, and a 5K Run, however, I'm planning on incorporating a few new events this year. Please reach out to me if you have any event ideas you think SWE should organize, or would like to get more involved with event planning by joining one of my committees.


Big/Little Coordinator​: Amanda Slager

Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date: December 2020
Past Internships/Research: R&D Process Engineering Intern at the J.M. Smucker Co. (January 2018 - August 2018). Breast and Brain Cancer Research with Dr. Winter's Lab (2017-current)
Hobbies: Traveling, playing the flute, cooking, social media, taking pictures of my dog 

Contact Amanda if you are interested in becoming a Big or a Little, have questions about upcoming events, or need help contacting your Big or Little.

Social Chair​: Morgan Smith

Major:  Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date:  May 2020
Past Internships/Research:  Solenis Technical Sales Intern (Summer 2018)
Hobbies:  Running, eating food, playing intramural sports, hammocking, listening to music, reading

Contact Morgan if you have any questions about social events that SWE is hosting throughout the year or just need a fellow SWE member to hang out with at any event :)


Publicity Director​: Bridgette Wadge

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: December 2021
Past Internships/Research: Ride Operations Intern at Cedar Point (Summer 2018)
Hobbies: Playing piano, running, and traveling to amusement parks across the country

Contact Bridgette for any publicity matter, if you need something for SWE publicized, need flyers for an event, have pictures to be posted on social media, need t-shirt designs, etc. 


Conference Coordinator: Dana Gill

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Industrial and Systems Engineering Intern at DNO Produce Incorporated in Columbus, OH (Summer 2017), Supply Chain Intern at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, OH (Spring 2018), Industrial Engineering Intern at Big Lots in Columbus, OH (Summer 2018)
Hobbies: Coaching cheerleading, skiing, traveling, card games (I play a mean game of Euchre, let me know if you want to play!), teaching Sunday School, & attempting to cook and bake

Contact Dana if you have any questions about Conferences, how to apply, or how to get more involved with Societal SWE at Conferences!


Webmaster​: Isha Satpalkar

Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: TAP Analyst Intern at JPMorgan Chase (Summer 2018)
Hobbies: Tennis, listening to music, eating food, traveling to different countries

Contact Isha if you have any questions about the website, would like something posted on the website, or anything related to the website.


Career Fair​: Natalie Kennedy

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships/Research: Intern at The Equity Engineering Group in Cleveland, OH (Summer 2016), Intern at Ohio Steel Industries in Columbus, OH (Summer 2017), Intern at Eaton Corporation in Williamsburg, Virginia (Summer 2018).
Hobbies: The past two summers I was a coxswain with a rowing team in Cleveland and got to travel with them to a regatta in Ontario. I also really enjoy event planning and I work in the COE Events Department.

Contact Natalie if you have any questions regarding the SWE Career Fair in February!

Member Recruitment Director: Dora de Melo

Major: Civil Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2021
Past Internships/Research: Johns Hopkins University - Department of Mechanical Engineering Intern (September 2016 - May 2017)
Hobbies: Cooking, running, reading, exploring new coffee shops

Contact Dora if you are interested in joining SWE and would like to know how to get started! (i.e. how to be put on the mailing list, which events to come to). I'll be your buddy through the process of joining our SWE section!


Alumni Director​: Emily McDonel

Major: Biological Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2021
Past Internships/Research: Undergraduate Researcher in the Andre Palmer Artificial Blood Research Lab (March 2017 - present), Co-op at The Hershey Company (March 2018 - present)
Hobbies: Running, Cleveland sports fan

Contact Emily if you need career advice! I can connect you to alumni who have awesome experience.

Graduate Representative​: Protiva Rahman

Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Nationwide Software Development Intern (Summer 2014), Graduate Research Associate (September 2015 - current)
Hobbies: Reading, watching movies, traveling

Contact Protiva if you are a graduate student interested in SWE, interested in Dine with a Doc, or interested in co-hosting graduate-oriented events with SWE.



Not sure who to ask? Please email with any general questions.