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President: Kelsey Riffle

Major: Material Science and Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2018
Past Internships/Research: Summer 2016- ArcelorMittal: Associate Engineer Metallurgical Intern, Summer 2017 - ArcelorMittal: Associate Engineer-Metallurgical Engineer
Hobbies:Cooking, snowboarding, and traveling

Contact Kelsey with matters related to the Ohio State section as a whole or matters that do not fall under any of the other officers’ duties.


Vice President: Katie Whalen

Major: Agricultural Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships/Research: 
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, sports

Contact Katie with overall questions about the society.


Treasurer​: Catherine Adams

Major: Mechanical Engineering 
Graduation Date: December 2018
Past Internships/Research: Kimberly Clark Process Co-op, Proctor & Gamble Mechanical Engineering Intern, General Mills Cereal Plant Engineering Intern
Hobbies: Distance running, watching soccer

Contact Catherine ​for questions regarding the club's finances.


Secretary​: Stavi Soulas

Major: Chemical Engineering 
Graduation Date: May 2018
Past Internships/Research: Drag Reduction Research (2017). GFS Chemicals Quality Control Intern (2017)
Hobbies: Soccer, biking, running, and being outside

Contact Stavi for more information about societal membership and joining Ohio State SWE.


Professional Development​: Rachael Knapp

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2018
Past Internships: Dow Chemical Company Manufacturing Intern, Kraft Heinz Corporate Management Intern
Hobbies: Exploring new cities and cultures, cooking international food

Contact Rachael if you know of a company or organization looking to partner with the Ohio State section of SWE to plan professional development events such as mock interview sessions, company info sessions, presentations, and many more. Also send her any professional related questions you may have!


Outreach Director​: Missy Ryan

Major: Civil Engineering
Graduation Date: December 2018
Past Internships/Research: Intern at Thieneman Construction Inc.

Hobbies: Playing drums and ukulele, being outside, meeting new people, playing an embarrassingly terrible game of pool, and eating food

Contact Missy for more information about outreach and educational events


Special Events Coordinator​: Sam Thobe

Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date: Spring 2019
Past Internships/Research: Co-op with Anhueser Busch Research Pilot Brewery (St. Louis, MO) January 2018-August 2018, Department of Biomedical Engineering in Dr. Katelyn Swindle-Reilly's lab, researching on polymers to create a hydro-gel drug delivery cast for injured optic nerves (focused on military injuries from blasts/explosions)
Hobbies: Volleyball and really any sport (i've been into boxing lately!), outdoor adventures (hiking & skydiving), reading, and DIY projects!

Contact Sam: As the Special Events Coordinator, I am in charge of the bigger events that take place during each semester. Some of these events include: Networking Night, Buckeyethon, SWE 5K Glow Run, Engineering Competition, and the end of the year banquet. Feel free to share any ideas you have in mind for future events or would like to join a committee for one of these events!


Big/Little Coordinator​: Kayla Guarnieri

Major: Biological Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships/Research: The Timken Company: Research & Development-Tribology (2017), The Timken Company: Application Engineer Intern(2016), FreshMark Inc: Project Engineer Intern(2015)
Hobbies: Playing volleyball, DIY and crafts, exploring, and going on adventures 

Contact Kayla if you are interested in becoming a Big or a Little, have questions about upcoming events, or need help contacting your Big or Little.

Social Chair​: Claire Penrose

Major:  Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date:  May 2020
Past Internships/Research:  Conference assistant for Ohio State Office of Student Life, Chemistry TA
Hobbies:  Running, Exploring Chicago, Watching the Cubs

Contact Claire if you have any questions about social events that SWE is hosting throughout the year or just need a fellow SWE member to hang out with at any event :)


Publicity Director​: Amanda Slager

Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Breast and Brain Cancer Research with Dr. Winter's Lab (2017/current)
Hobbies: playing the flute in OSU's concert band, member of H2O Church, and member of Phi Sigma Rho

Contact Amanda for any publicity matter, if you need something for SWE publicized, need flyers for an event, have pictures to be posted on social media, need t-shirt designs, etc. 


Webmaster​: Yvonne Johnson

Major: Computer Science and Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Software Engineer Intern-Harris Corporation (Summer 2017)
Hobbies: Tennis, hiking, reading, and playing videogames

Contact Yvonne if you have any questions about the website, would like something posted on the website, or anything related to the website.


Career Fair​: Lexi Hemker

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships/Research: Distillery Intern at Jack Daniel's (Summer 2017)
Hobbies: Tennis, scrapbooking and petting dogs

Contact Lexi if you have any questions regarding the SWE Career Fair in February!

Sponsorship Director: Megan Schaefer

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2019
Past Internships: ES Co-op Crouse-Hinds Eaton (Summer 2017), Packaging Co-op L’Oréal (Spring 2016), Environmental Co-op (Summer 2016)
Hobbies: Baking, running, and volunteering with younger kids

Contact Megan if you are interested in partnering with or sponsoring SWE at The Ohio State University! Also contact me if you are interested in volunteering with SWE through E-Council!


Member Recruitment Director: Allison Whitney

Major: Material Science and Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2020
Past Internships/Research: Metzenbaum Sheltered Industries (summer 2016 and 2017), FEH Nanotechnology Project- Designed a chip to detect the Zika virus (spring 2017)
Hobbies: Hiking, hammocking, instructing group fitness classes at the RPAC, petting dogs on the oval, drinking coffee

Contact Allison if you are interested in joining SWE and would like to know how to get started! (i.e. how to be put on the mailing list, which events to come to). I'll be your buddy through the process of joining our SWE section!


Alumni Director​: Sarah Shaffer

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Graduation Date: December 2020
Past Internships
Hobbies: Boating, wakeboarding, volunteering, and reading

Contact Sarah if you need career advice! I can connect you to alumni who have awesome experience.

Graduate Representative​: Tara Eicher

Major: Computer Science
Graduation Date: May 2021
Past Internships: Cooperative education at NetApp, master's thesis under Dr. Raghu Machiraju
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, listening to music

Contact Tara if you are a graduate student interested in SWE, interested in Dine with a Doc, or interested in co-hosting graduate-oriented events with SWE.



Not sure who to ask? Please email with any general questions.